Sunday, September 26, 2010

Too late for race

I was hydroplaning into Mexico City on Thursday, so home late Friday and no time for racing.
Too bad, I really need another wide open run before winter.
I´ll post a pic that looks like all the other, this one taken at Mosten by Finn Bojer, I only remember it felt real good.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Fall, too early

One track is open next weekend but I can´t make it as I´m travelling.
To bad I would really like a full length track before going in to hibernation.
The wicked people in Orsa (Dalarna, region in Sweden full of motorheads) are providing a fully prepped track 25-26 september,  could be snow by then but I´ll think about it, nice drive and beatiful country as well. Bike is ready, needs an oil change and a kick shaft, but that would be it.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Mosten rocks

Mosten is different from other races, good mix of spectators with the great majority bikers who can´t spell trailer.
The response is great and any combination get`s it´s share of fans and some of the bikes raced here would not turn up elsewhere. a very well prepared track and super proffesional crew. I worked hard on my runs and in the final 3 attempts I managed a 6.501/177.05 which was enough for a third place in the field of eight starting in the Harley Drags Class. Rules are simple, anything goes except wheelie bars. I broke my kick shaft early on final day and had to remove the gear and clean up the cover, safety wired shaft secure in the hole and went looking for a crew as I now had to use the remote starter, not good for the image but WTF, no problema Atte and Perry gave me a hand , thankyouverymuch, and a Pro Mod Corvette crew lended their little cart to take the batterys and starter to the line up and the rest is history (or at least a story) I got a price and even some price money. The motor was running stronger then ever and it felt like a screamer, the 177.05 (110.01mph) top speed done twice is much better than any previous on 1/8 this year and maybee, just maybee the geometry correction on the rear exhaust rocker did make a difference.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The truck is back

Got my hauler back after the transmission repair, and it is a good feeling when it is so obviously done right, on time, at the right price, hat`s of to Norrorts Bil och Van, also I have had very good help from my local  shop, Åkes Bil och Motor ÅBM to troubleshoot and much moore. Andreas at ÅBM is running the Engine Overhaul shop and he is also just about to completely finish his ProMod Chevelle, an amazing feat by a guy in his twenties ÅBM Racing.


I.m a gasoline molecule on my way to work....

Mystery Oil.........

Mystery Oil.........
Just a spoonful to the assembly lube.

Remote Starter

Remote Starter