Thursday, June 28, 2012

Get some air..

I had to drag the project outside, trying to figure exhaust lines , and seat. The working Headlight will be springer style, same as the racer, carbonfibre but painted black.
Most everything on this build is the best available except the gas tank , but i will run it until it cracks wide open and then adress the issues., Right now it´s wrong mounts and full of tank seal , so who knows, it may last for aweek or the whole summer.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Day after.........

Got to get going, need to get the rear head together and bolted on the motor.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Happy Midsummer..

The most important day in Sweden , is Today..Light, Midnight sun, and joy. I snatched som som pix of my street knuck of the net, so this is what "Gudrun" looked like on the first build. the year was 2001.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Bad M.O.FO.

Assembly of my street knuck after the engine updates, I´m loosing it and it´s getting bad, I´m now thinking loud pipes and just low, tight and Bad....Mo...Fo.....

Monday, June 11, 2012

Nice! 10.097.

Pistonhead Open 2, lot´s of teams and Top Doorslammers as well. Good show if the weather is cooperating, but no..not this time. Showers slowed down the pace and we got very few attempts, but..My first run was 10.097s, 213Km/h...and with  60 feet in 1.6375 I knew I could do better. But I managed to consume my chances on the only run on Saturday by loosing the gear shift pedal shaft, which basically is a 1/4 " precision bolt with a lock nut, which was... not a lock nut fault. before i lost the pedal i recorded a 60 foot time of  1.6036 so only if..........:)

The Man, the myth, Tom Leret note the clamp on the   pipe, been like that since.....the 1970´s, something...just like his Nitro Sportster been running like a clock, always a good show.
Mr.Pihl and Crew, Debute for the new.. "Ford all the way"...
Dagfinn Eriksen, came out after a serious Overhaul, was only
supposed to check things over early spring time
when things got "Out of hand"........,  

Monday, June 4, 2012


I´m trying to find hours to prepare for next weekend three day battle at Kjula Dragway, i need at least 10 Hours rear head work of which 5 is Rocker Shaftt/Arm/Box alignment and shimming. I got a cracked bracket in need of weld and another ignition coil bracket boss needing weld, on top of that i need to completely flush oil and change, and change my rear tire...damn I need to take time of from work.


I.m a gasoline molecule on my way to work....

Mystery Oil.........

Mystery Oil.........
Just a spoonful to the assembly lube.

Remote Starter

Remote Starter