Sunday, August 29, 2010

Race ready

Serviced both heads over the weekend, major oil leak in the front intake tin was explained as the bottom of the cup was separated (cast alu) , had to restore one original tin for a replacement,the shaft hole was big as a quarter so I welded in a washer with the TIG on 35 amps and it worked out well , no dressing required. I also finshed up a rear exhaust rocker arm with bushings in both ends  and spend some time on tooling on order to reassure geometry (mid lift)  as I this was an opportunity to correct.
Fixed a problem with the right handlebar as well.
Started to remove heads 10 a.m.  Saturday and I´m completely race ready 9 P.M. Sunday and a stranger to the rest of the family...., I´m off to Mosten on Thursday.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mosten Raceday

2 thru 5 September is Mosten Raceday/Denmark, finals are on Saturday and Sunday is recovery of what´s left...
If you click on the "You Tube" logo in the Mosten site you will find some evidence of which one is my good neighbour burning rubber out of the bar in his blown -32, 5 window hitting a pole spun around and took the wall down on another bar across..........Bar run
The hauler is in for a Code 1870 transmssion slip deal and I spent quite some time to locate a reputable shop to fix that and they are on it. I´m servicing the bike this weekend, got some things on both the front and rear head, including replacing the rear exhaust rocker arm with one that I prepared with bushings in both ends.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


10.248/212,77, on my last run and got some mechanical on the return so i´m done.
Previous was 10.293/214.54 so there is some consistancy.
I´ll have a beer, or two....  The "Six Shooter" slingshoot ran a 7,2xx something and this track is 7,50 "breakout" so i guess that was a mishap..........

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fail stage

A "Fail stage" ruined whatever chances I had. "Fail stage" is when you roll back out of the stage light after it being lit, that happens not necessarily due to being nervous but rather over focused, forgetting about the possibility when it has not happened in the last zillion runs and being overcautious not to deep stage...and with a springer front end and launch RPM getting up, the wheel bounces alot, enough to clear the beam....anyway I lost.
Ran a time slip after the finals and managed a 6.65, better but still..........

It was real nice to see "Columbo" back, normally to busy to attend  and used to wheelie down on a Shovel chopper style with some unmanagable homebuilt Injection system, now he turned up with a well built bike to the latest numbers carburated Evo, and took it all the way to the final with a best of  6.124/182.6 but aginst the remaining Dane, Marcus who ran a best of 5,613/203.9 most anybody on this planet is runner up. 15 year Old Marcus will end up with the championship this year. 
Next for me is "Blacksmith" Pre-73 this weekend, overpowered slingshots and some real crazy wonderful people, insane Norwegians and a good track.

Sunday, August 15, 2010



No excuses, bad driving and a few mishaps.

12th qualifier in a 16 stage, and 6.67/173.13 is nothing to brag about, missed out on the last two attemps, first I broke my rear brake pedal in the burnout, (long story), 2nd time a  rocker nut leak developed with a steady stream of high press oil. Will face the scary Yamaha warrior Michael B tommorow, turbo, coolers,electronics and what have you, and he knows how that shit works.......but on the other hand he´s still having his birthday party and i´m going for my beauty sleep, it ain´t over until the race is done.
The good part of today is that Mr. Swecomposite most likely found the ghost on his V-Rod Turbo setup and made a very decent 6,4732/190,81, first time he had a clean run, and tons of work behind, but that´s what it´s all about, perceverance.
My first belt since -84 had to be replaced (stone punched a hole) and my nut´s are tight...tommorow.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


If I finish up the the kitchen workbench, elecric outlets, benchlights, and trim I been promised a
Jack just like the one seen in the fearless Norwegians toolbox, and I have a race this weekend.
I´ll better get started..

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Vintage racing

OK! so that´s a track prepped by xperts.
Bike ran well and 10.30xx/206 km/h on the first is allright for me, next was the longest wheelie I ever held on to, I just would not let go off the throttle , 10.4 something, my kickstand came out and i had a hunch so I made damn sure not to lean over to left. I have to make a "lock" feature for that, reason was the return spring dislocated and actually acted to pull the can be seen on the pic, click on it.
Also check out the pics on this link


I.m a gasoline molecule on my way to work....

Mystery Oil.........

Mystery Oil.........
Just a spoonful to the assembly lube.

Remote Starter

Remote Starter