Sunday, July 25, 2010

Getting ready for "back to basic"

Bike is loaded in my trusty hauler, a -97 ex. emergency vehicle 4 ton Chevy retired Ambulans.
Don´t think anyone died in it, but maybee a few births.
3500K 6,5 TD is reliable and I try to take good care of her checking fluid levels and such.
I kept part of the oxygen system for later, who knows how long it will take before i either get there or quit (die that is).
Interesting to try a track preperad for the heavy hitters, I will give it my best.
Rear light has to be on the bike as we may run late on saturday.
Noticed some hits on this blog from North Texas, greetings, I have done some work in Wichita Falls when I worked out of Claremore OK,  North Texas has the big sky.
As a matter of fact I did "Hotter Than Hell 100" back in -97, and what a sick idea that is, 100 mile bicycle run in August and no less than 105 F, damn....

Sunday, July 18, 2010


All well, "Mother" is up, started, crissssssspy.

Took time to check up the on the neglected "Gudrun" 96 incher, leak down check on front was 6%  allright, rear was another story,  sooo sick 98% exh. leak no wonder she was limp and coffing.
Put together last time 2001 and hasn´t  dropped a bolt since, time for some T.L.C.
I wonder where this is going to end.........poor thing is rusting.
Rumours says another guy is putting a Leineweber 5 in his street job, hmm got one of those
somewhere.......need more comp....and springs....and........

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


5 1/4 stroke, rpm´s @s 6,500 on 15 runs over a couple of days.
Day 3 and during the burnout the rear exhaust valve decides it is time to retire.
Steel pieces of which the largest is about 3mm leaves the edge of the valve

and are in a hurry to get out. The valve doesn´t quite close when the pieces are leaving so the pushrod leaves the ball on the rocker arm and now hits the ball with the edge of the pushrod cup. and with very limited travel to coil bind that is exactly what happens, and something has to give...this time it is the rocker arm at the
spring end.

I will miss this rocker arm, it has done a good job and had bushings in both ends.
I have a spare one already prepared which mr Baisley did the roller on, not bushed on the spring end, but it should not be a problem these days after i learned to adjust pushrods with generous clearance.
To little and the knuck will starv for oil on the shaft at the spring end when clearance is eaten up by the hot valve, and with hard springs and steel to steel it seizes on shaft.

The valve is a 5/16 stem 1,800" but somewhat taken down on the dia.
I used a S&S S B2 head exh.valve to start with and reduced thickness on the disc and the dia , cut the groove and then the stem to the right length. 

New S&S valve on the left and the reduced new valve is right.

Ok i got a valve and a rocker arm

I have not decided if I should go into a full head rebuild with guide replacements and the rest, or just put it togheter which should be ok and then do the zerosetting coming winter, there is still three races left this season.

Will exhibit in the "Back to Basic" races at Mantorp last week of July, after that we have championship races first weekend of August in Lindesberg, and after that it´s Mosten Raceday/Denmark in September, Mosten is end of season, great music and gigantual party.

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Sunday and one or two runs available before eliminations,
after the burnout i lost fire on the rear and my carbs started to come off, familiar
indication of valvetrain problem, and it was the rear exh, rocker arm.
For those who follow me this is something I had problems with before.
It looks a little different this time and it may be easier...but not today, my spare is back home.
So I´m in to the fine art of eating hamburgers in a crosswind and watching my buddies.
Home alone next week so I should be able to focus on fixing it.
This event has been the best excersize I ever been to.

Saturday, July 10, 2010



I got 10 time slips on my table, this is the kind of event I need.
10,2842 followed by the 10,2078 and again it is the strange feeling of calm when it´s
going well, "what´s for dinner thoughts" between full throttle shifts.....
Air is good, no tach signal to the logg but with the number of runs we
have i´m trying different setups, so I´m upp on mains right now and
we will have more runs tomorow before the eliminations.
If anyone knows how to get a stable tach signal from a dyna S, let me know, I have tried
the standard shit that comes with the unit, the logg is a Wego 3.

Friday, July 9, 2010

it workzzzzz

Retarded 2 to 3 degrees (blooody strobelamps) and it´s breathing freely again.
Huge wheelie but revs way way better, will not be a time to write about but
I´m looking forward to tomorrow.
The slip from the previus run was 10,3077 so it´s improving.
The timing excersize shitted the plugs so I had to kick 45 times to get goin, should have
cleaned it out by driving to the line up, anyway  the T/F teams nesting close to the line up are all smiles and sympatetic towards this sorry fat kickbag....

All bike weekend

On a short notice I entered the Orsa "All Bike weekend".
Renewed track and good weather.
Bikes only and some 65 teams are expected, qualification is open
and "run when you feel like it".´4 runs so far and my best is 10,3357.
Waitng for my last slip as they ran out of paper....
Getting warned up and I feel some lack of crunch on the top end, so I will try
some fine adjustment on timing.


I.m a gasoline molecule on my way to work....

Mystery Oil.........

Mystery Oil.........
Just a spoonful to the assembly lube.

Remote Starter

Remote Starter