Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Single Digit

We did it, finally a 9 second run.  13 August, 2016, Q3 in Pistonhead Open #4. Kjula Dragway
Q1 was 10.05,  and we figured that we had to add more fuel so we went from a 85 to 80 Main (Hilborn), and Q2 was 10.04.
Still very clean plugs so we put in the 75 pill. and Q3 was a 9.9428, with a 60 foot of 1,5002.
1/8 was 6,3011/175,70 kmh @a  1/4 speed of 213,21.(132mph)

I am Done, after 12 years, feel like the coyote finally getting the Roadrunner...........

I have many to thank, Carl Stejmar, (Calas High Peformance) provides craftsmanship, knowledge and inspiration, my "Crew Chief" or "Chef" Per Byren has helped out the last couple of years from the first 10.08 and this year Magnus Johansson has helped with anything from wrenching to "go getting" at very, very high speeds.
Fellow racers, organizers and component manufacturers FHP, S&S, Leineweber, Hilborn, Dynatec, Morris, Andrews. and again CHP.
I also proved that anything is possible, if you stick to it and want it enough.
What´s next?

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Mystery Oil.........
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